HIBALAG 2014 Bigger and Bolder

Nothing beats the fun and excitement generated by the most awaited event this school year - Hibalag 2014.

Hibalag has always been one of the highlights in the Founders Day celebration of Silliman. And on the 113th anniversary of the university, Hibalag will be jam-packed with various activities and gimmicks, made possible by the Committee of Student Organizations (ComSo).

This year’s Hibalag will have a Broadway inspired theme. Although “Broadway” usually connotes extravagance, the theme’s emphasis is not centered on such thing; instead, it’s more on the attitude. “It’s not about extravagance, it’s all about the experience,” Irish Generoso, ComSo chairman said. It’s not how spectacular and “bongga” the event will be, but it’s the memories and experiences during the event that matter. This stance of the ComSo is actually their way of letting Sillimanians realize the true essence of the celebration of the Founders Day.

Hibalag Booth Festival

Hibalag will be a 10-day event, starting Aug. 20 at the Ravelo field. “Another extra day, another activity of fun; another work for us but nonetheless it’s all for the Hibalag,” Generoso stressed. Hibalag wouldn’t be complete without the construction of festive booths, made out of bamboos, which are apparently the star of every participating organization for the Booth Festival. The Hibalag Booth Festival is a competition for the best designed booths among organizations. And this year, ComSo will be adding a new award, the #Effort award.

#Effort is equivalent to 50,000 points, and this will be awarded to the booth creatively built by the members of the organization themselves without any help from the carpenters. This award will be a perk for the winning organization to have a nice spot for the Hibalag, next school year. So to all organizations, may the odds be ever in your favor, and may the best booth wins. Ajah!

Other activities

Organizers are planning to improve the lined-up activities more. “Neon Run,” a fun-run activity will be held before the grand party for Hibalag. The body building that took place last year will be replaced by a dog show on Aug.27 at 6-7 pm. The animal show is organized by the Dog Club of Dumaguete City and Renaissance Youth Lead Forum (RYLF).

On the other hand, ComSo will bring back the Zumba Dance, which was a hit last year, attracting a great number of students and alumni participants. “Looking for Freedom Segment” is also a must watch event. Aside from that, Sillimanians should also look forward to the “Sky Night,” where a series of rousing games, live bands, and promos will be around the field. And of course, Hibalag wouldn’t be complete without the ever famous “Horror Chamber.” However for this year, the Special Projects Committee will have its own version of the horror chamber that will surely be terrifying. Another activity that will surely bring chills down to our spine is the “Amazing Horror Race.” These are just a few of the many more activities that await us this Hibalag.

Mr. Hibalag, Ms. Silliman & SU Idol

The celebration of the 113th Founders Day of Silliman University will not be complete without the main events – Miss Silliman, Mr.Hibalag, and SU Idol. First up is the Miss Silliman Pageant, which is considered as one of the most prestigious pageants in the country. Ten gorgeous ladies representing their respective colleges will compete on who embodies the “quintessence of a true Silliman” woman the most.

If there is a pageant for girls, then there is also one for boys. The male version of Miss Silliman pageant is the Mr. Hibalag organized by RYLF. Mr. Hibalag is a real man face-off, focusing on the advocacies of each representative from the various colleges and organizations. Their advocacy comprises the bigger portion for judging the victor. Basically, it’s not the “looks” that matter, but the near fulfillment of the advocacy of that winner.

Another much awaited competition is Silliman’s own version of American Idol, the SU Idol, which is made possible by the partnership of Kapunungan sa mga Mass Communicators and Senior Junior Business Executive. After the series of screenings and elimination rounds, the top contenders will be singing their way to their dream to be the next Silliman Idol.

Since the month of May, ComSo has been giving their all out-effort for the preparations for this year’s Founders Day celebration. This year’s Hibalag is not just “something” but “everything” to be remembered. For the newbies here in SU, prepare yourselves for the fun-filled experience as we celebrate the biggest, and grandest event in the university. “Hibalag is the moment when true Sillimanian Spirit is felt, so don’t dare miss it,” Generoso said.

Remember, it’s the EXPERIENCE shared to fellow Sillimanians that really matters, and not the seeming EXTRAVAGANCE of the celebration as a whole.

By Nurlyn Elli

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