We Have It in Silliman

Milk tea places, coffee shops and other fine hang-out places are everywhere. These places offer a perfect atmosphere for studying, while having a good cup of coffee or milk tea. Most of these shops offer refreshments, with fresh milk as an ingredient. While some prefer to drink milk teas, coffee with milk, or processed milk, others would rather have the fresh ones.

In Silliman University, we have our very own Silliman Fresh, a bottled milk locally produced by the College of Agriculture (COA). Silliman Fresh comes from the very own farm cows of the college, and is specially manufactured in its own facilities. This milk drink may not be found in any other places, but mind you, the same milk has been used by other businesses as component for their own products.

Perhaps, you might have already come across another brand of multi-flavored milk drink, famous to children and even adults. But did you know that it is the COA who supplies them the fresh milk? Yes. This only proves that our very own Silliman Fresh is not too far with that one we usually see around stores.

Aside from milk, COA is also offering products which come at very affordable prices. Among the goods they sell are: fresh eggs, vegetables such as Ampalaya and Kangkong, and many more. The products which the college produces daily are part of their income-generating project, in return for the expenses of the farm and the animals. These products are not only purchased by faculties, the cafeteria, and the Silliman Cooperative, but also by other local establishments in the city, like Don Roberto’s, RJ’s and Ricky’s.

With the growing demand of their products, the College of Agriculture is now coming up with ideas and plans, in consideration of the possibilities to expand their production. It is because they have already gained “suki” from foreigners like the Iranians and Koreans, who patronize their products, especially Silliman Fresh. COA has already made a proposal to purchase Pasteurizer and Homogenizer Machines, in order to be able to produce more milk and other dairy products, to supply the demands of more customers.

Silliman Fresh comes in different flavors. They are available at the COA in Bantayan and cost P20 for the regular milk and P23 for the flavored milk.

By Rhobie Ruaya

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