SU tightens rules on school trips

The Silliman University (SU) administration has reinforced its policy regarding the use of non-SU vehicles for any school-related trips.

The administration is strictly reinforcing the regulation that “all non-SU vehicles, used as transportation for any college, organization, and/or university trips should be accredited by the university.”

This is in light of the Feb. 21, 2013 incident in Benguet where a bus carrying Marinduque State College students and teachers on a field trip, collided with a container truck, which left seven people dead.

Mark Raygan Garcia, director of the Office of Information and Publications said that the reinforcement of the policy is to ensure safety and welfare among students, faculty, and staff.

“Preference is always SU vehicles. But if the students choose to use private transportation, they should make sure that the university will be the one who will procure the services of the private vehicle,” Garcia said.

Garcia said if the student organization will have a field trip in Dumaguete or in Negros Oriental, the student organization can recommend the private vehicle to the Buildings and Grounds (BG) Office.

Then, Garcia said, the BG will look into the process of checking whether the vehicle is safe and if it complies with the standards of BG.

“The university is strict and stringent in reinforcing this policy because the university wants to make sure that the buses that take you around the city or in Negros Oriental are in good condition and are safe for the students,” Garcia said.

Garcia said that the university will ascertain that non-SU vehicles comply with certain vehicular standards.

“The university will make sure if the private vehicle has complete papers and license, if the vehicle is in good condition, and if the owner of the vehicle is fully aware of his/ her responsibility to the students and to the university,” Garcia said.

If a student organization does not follow such policy, Garcia said that sanctions will be given to both the adviser and the student organization.

“The adviser will be held accountable if the policy is not followed. As for the student organization, it will go through a disciplinary process by the Office of Student Services,” Garcia said.

SU is planning to add more vehicles to improve transportation services for the students.

By Nova Veraley V. Grafe

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