Sillimanians Speak: “What are your thoughts about PNoy’s SONA last Monday?”

“In my opinion, PNoy’s SONA is not enough because what PNoy said is just all about the positive things that are taking place in our country, and he did not even touch the negative ones that really need concern from the government.” –Cedrick Louis S. Antiquina, Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology II

“PNoy’s SONA was full of noteworthy data, specific quantities, and impressive statistics. But did Filipinos feel any improvement? And with the head of the state getting teary-eyed, I could not help but think that he needed our sympathy.” – Pauline Estola, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology II

“Although PNoy’s SONA received a lot of criticisms, I still believe that he deserves credit for all his works. With all his efforts of cleaning the government and repairing our system, he has successfully lifted our economy and has addressed most of our problems. He brought back the trust of international institutions. Many people may contradict his claiming of improved economy, but that is only because these people failed to strive harder for the betterment of their living. Many also claim that he has not addressed the issue of corruption, but it is our fault why we have corrupt senators. Our country is booming; let us not pull it down. Furthermore, we must trust our president and our government. That’s all we need for progress. And let me just add that as election is fast approaching, we should vote for the right persons.” – Nicely D. Aranda, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy II

Compiled by Mae Claudine Teves

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