Portal East to host call centers

Silliman University (SU) will cater to call center companies in the proposed Portal East building as part of the continuing efforts of the university to raise funds before 2016.

Mark Raygan Garcia, director of the Office of Information and Publications, said that catering to call centers will ensure stability and continuous flow of income to the university.

“Unlike other businesses, call center companies are stable businesses. The university can assure that while they are renting in the Portal East, there will be a continuous flow of auxiliary income that will be used for the continuing operations of the university,” Garcia said.

Engr. Edgar Ygnalaga, superintendent of the Silliman University Buildings and Grounds Department, said that Portal East will be designed for call center companies.

“[Portal East] is an open space, and we are planning to put up some cubicles for call center offices,” Ygnalaga added.

On the other hand, Ygnalaga said that Portal East will be much smaller than Portal West.

According to Ygnalaga, the five-storey Portal East “will be smaller by 1000 sq.m. floor area and can accommodate 250-300 people.”

Ygnalaga also added that Portal East will cater to fewer tenants than Portal West. This will make it easier for the university to monitor each tenant.

Portal East will be located across its counterpart, Portal West, and will replace the building where the SU Cooperative Store (SU Coop) is now located.

However, Ygnalaga clarified that they will still preserve the design of the building because of its historical value. They will improve the structure yet retain the architectural d e s i g n .

“We will use new materials that are sturdy and termite-free. The Portal East design will look the same as the building does now,” Ygnalaga said.

The projected budget for the construction of Portal East is Php80-90 million.

SU Coop will relocate to the new Silliman University Credit Cooperative, Inc. (SUCCI) building, along North Road on August 30.

By Nova Veraley V. Grafe

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