People are Oceans

I only rode a boat once. During my first time, the excitement made me become observant. To look outside the window is such a lovely option, yet the sight of water surrounding the boat bores me. It is the same kind of blue. Even though I can see different waves crashing to the boat or crashing to each other, the surface of the ocean still bores me at times.

The ocean, I believe, is always on the position where people on the boat like me have all the freedom to see. There are two things we usually think of when we observe the ocean: what is on its surface and what is down deep.

Aren’t people oceans? We have points in our lives where we enter or get into positions, which entail other people looking at us. Sadly, only a few search what can be found within a person; most are stuck with the overview, and worse, they stop there.

No wonder businessmen behind gyms are getting wealthier. No wonder people are purchasing more styles of clothes than the usual. No wonder men think having a car is a gateway in acquiring more adoration when having good grades is more important and women start to wearing thick mascara after hearing compliments about their eyelashes when in the first place, it was noticed in its natural state. What is outward is now the focus, which is absurd.

We live in a world that bases a person on his or her appearance, or on what are the things that he or she has. It is not a hidden fact that people normally look at the surface, but it does not mean that if they are that lazy, you will be that lazy to not go down deep to check yourself, too. It does not mean we have to succumb to people who do not care enough to check what is inside.

How about upholding your character? Are the principles you hold on to right? If they are, are you firm with sticking up to these? If they aren’t, are you doing something to change or improve yourself? These questions make you get your own say about yourself more than asking other people about you because character is an important part of your identity. You begin to look what is really in your heart and enable yourself to ask if your actions are in line with you acquiring a good reputation or a good character.

Reputation and character are two different yet connected terms, because with good character comes good reputation. People with good character will always naturally glow before the crowd. And no matter how others try to stain your reputation, good character makes things okay in the end. Invest not just on your skin, but also on your soul. Good reputation just follows when you have good character.

Now I understand why my highschool Biology teacher did not only taught my classmates and I about the ocean water’s color or how waves look like, but also spoke of rich marine life it has down deep and how we can help in preserving it when he discussed about the ocean. The general view of things will never completely define it. It is what’s inside we have to preserve.

Reputation is a more general view, yet character is more specific. Character comprises moral qualities, and that makes a person distinct. Just like the ocean’s surface, our surface, in the long run, would not compose the whole you. So invest on what makes you more whole: your character.

Bringing Dead Lines to Life
Andrea D. Lim

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