Lessons from the Love Guru

tws“There’s more to life than love.”

This is one of Ramon Bautista’s most popular quotations from his self-help book, “Bakit ‘Di Ka Crush ng Crush Mo?”, a compilation of his answers to the questions about love sent to him by his fans on his Formspring account. His book was later on brought to the big screen and became a blockbuster hit, with Xian Lim and Kim Chiu portraying the lead roles.

Ramon Bautista is widely known for his entertaining, yet insightful Youtube clips which address social and love problems. However, he is not just an ordinary internet sensation. He is an author, professor on film at University of the Philippines - Diliman, radio jock, TV show host, filmmaker, and producer.

As a SMART ambassador and endorser at the same time, he was able to reach out to Sillimanians during the All-University Acquaintance party last July 18, where he answered ten random questions about life and love which the students asked. But before he went out to interact with other Sillimanians, I was lucky enough to have five minutes of his time for a very quick interview.

  1. Being a SMART ambassador, what made you inspired enough to reach out to the youth?

Ramon: Well, I’m glad SMART sponsors activities and events like this where guys like me can share our experiences to young people. After all, they are the future of our country. I just want to tell them about having relationships. I think school is very important, and students should concentrate on studying and building themselves to develop self-esteem and confidence… making friends… finding out who they really are. Everyone here in Silliman are you know, so pretty and so pogi like me, and smart. They just have to find out who they really are.

  1. What is learning and acquiring knowledge for you?

Ramon: Acquiring knowledge goes beyond classroom. It’s about living and really trying to absorb and learning from experiences – both your and your friends’ experiences. We cannot really say we’ve learned already. Life itself is a continuous learning experience.

  1. You are known from the hit Youtube series Tales from the Friend Zone and the book turned-into-a-movie Bakit ‘Di Ka Crush ng Crush mo. Have you experienced what happened on both works?

Ramon: Yes. Both of them are based on personal experience of mine and the co-creator, RA Rivera.

  1. What kind of experience(s)?

Ramon: Being friendzoned. I get friendzoned in different ways all the time.

  1. Do you believe that it’s okay for college students to enter in a relationship?

Ramon: Some people can handle it; some people have lesser tolerance for emotional pain. That’s why a lot of them screw up in school, so I suggest students to concentrate on schooling and love life could be later on. Have your diploma first before you get in a relationship.

  1. Message to Sillimanians

Ramon: Try to find who you are and be confident about who you are. Do what you want. Make that move.

Bautista became famous for playing several odd characters in Strangebrew, a popular show launched on UNTV about how random things are produced in factories or how ideas turn into movies. He also interviews various Philippine artists in his own show in MTV Pilipinas, “The Ramon Bautista Show.” Aside from television shows, Ramon Bautista is also involved in AkoMismo, a movement under PLDT that aims to encourage the Filipino youth to act against the country’s political and moral problems. He also starred in the Commission on Elections (Comelec) campaigns and ads, showing how to vote with the use of the PCOS machine, and to vote wisely during elections. Currently, he is also hosting National Geographic’s Science of Stupid, a show that features people’s failed attempts to replicate viral stunt videos circulating in social media.

Truly, this man has a lot to say when it comes to school life and love life.

By Andrea D. Lim

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