Famed bamboo orchestra performs at Luce

The internationally acclaimed Taiwan Bamboo Orchestra (TBO) showcased their excellence in creating music using bamboo in their concert, “Organic Resonance” last Aug. 2 at the Claire McGill Luce Auditorium.

As the first registered bamboo orchestra in Taiwan, Dr. Wu Shih- Yin, the founder of TBO, said that the inspiration behind the creation of such group came from the “fascinating sounds of the bamboo instruments.”

“The bamboo instruments create sounds of nature. As you play every instrument, you create a sound that connects you to nature,” Wu said.

Founded in 2011, the group is strongly supported by the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources and the National I-Lan University in Taiwan.

Aside from the traditional Taiwanese music, TBO also showcased folk songs from the USA, Algeria, France, Spain, Sabah, Philippines, and China.

Some of the traditional Chinese music played during the concert included pieces often used in some Kung-Fu movies of Jackie Chan and Jet-Li.

One of Taiwan’s indigenous songs featured was the vocal duet “Wualjaiyoin,” which means “That’s the place where I came from.” The song is the usual response of someone who has gone hunting during hunting season.

According to Wu, TBO also incorporated modern music in their repertoire “in order for the youth to appreciate traditional music through the use of bamboo instruments.”

One of the highlights of the concert was their own rendition of the theme songs of the video games “Angry Birds” and “Dumb Ways to Die.”

TBO also played traditional Filipino music, namely “Ang Bayan Ko”, “Ili-ili Tulog Anay”, “Dandansoy”, and “Bahay Kubo.”

“Knowing that the Philippines has a rich culture, we also included famous traditional music so that the Filipino youth will not forget the roots of their race,” Wu said.

TBO will travel to Manila, Iloilo, and Tagum for another series of performances.

TBO also held a workshop on indigenous musical instruments as part of the Albert Faurot Lecture Series.

By Nova Veraley Grafe

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