Cultural Season

“Organic Resonance,” a concert by the internationally-acclaimed Taiwan Bamboo Orchestra, was held recently. The third event in the 52nd cultural season, it was the latest world-class performance at the Luce Auditorium. The season opened with a concert by violin prodigy Kristine Clair Galano, last June. The Silly People’s Improvisational Theater (SPIT), with “its unique brand of impromptu humor,” was featured last July.

This Aug. 15, the Yuko Takahashi Dance Company, an award-winning modern dance company based in Japan, will perform in a dance concert that will display “a dazzling mix of athletic prowess, impeccable skill, and lyrical expression.” The following week, on Aug. 22, university-based singers, dancers, and musicians will present “Silliman Performs Broadway.” Also scheduled are “Ampalaya: The Musical” (Sept. 19) and the Jovianney Cruz Piano Concert (Sept. 26).

It would be a pity if only a small minority of Silliman students benefit from the cultural season prepared each school year by the Cultural Affairs Committee (CAC) whose efforts have resulted in Silliman having “the most active cultural group outside of Metro Manila.”

The cultural season is an occasion for the “cultural growth” of students. SU offers a holistic education that facilitates the attainment of the students’ full potential. For “Total Human Development”, it wants its students to develop an appreciation for culture and arts, a taste for good music, and a lifelong passion for theater, dance and other forms of art. SU president Ben S. Malayang III, stated that “culture is essential to education,” and as such, has become “an integral part of Silliman education.” The events in the cultural season are intended to help produce graduates who are cultured, persons who are well-versed in music, arts, and literature.

Not only that, the cultural season is a unique opportunity given to Sillimanians. SU provides a college experience which most schools do not and cannot provide. Considered the Cultural Center of Southern Philippines, Silliman University has, starting this school year, officially become a satellite of the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila. Few schools have on its campus a world-class facility like the Luce Auditorium which is the “largest fully-functioning theater outside of Metro Manila” where numerous top-caliber Filipino and foreign talents have performed.

The cultural season is a chance to enjoy quality yet affordable entertainment. The CAC brings world-class performers to Luce Auditorium at a minimal cost to Sillimanians, offering subsidized fare which, it describes as “perhaps the most generous of its kind in the country.” According to Prof. Diomar Abrio, CAC chairman, the price for the shows at Luce “is really very cheap compared to other places, not only in Manila, but also in Cebu.” The CAC sees to it that prices for shows at Luce are within the reach of students. Tickets for Luce shows can be bought for as low as Php100. Those without cash can still watch because the cost of tickets and season passes can be charged to their respective school accounts and paid later.

The events during the cultural season help promote the growth of cultured Sillimanians. Attending these is a vital part of the unique Silliman experience. World-class entertainmentisavailable atpricesstudentscan afford. Ifonlyeachof theculturalseason’s events in the Luce Auditorium would be filled with Silliman students from now on.

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