US-based alumni to donate money for disaster victims

The Silliman University Alumni Association of Southern California (SUAASC) organized a 5k run/walk event and will give the US$5,000 proceeds to the university’s Continuing Calamity Response Program (CCRP).

The event was held last July 14 at Whittier Narrows Recreational Park, El Monte, California.

Malcolm Hiponia, co-chairperson of the activity, said that almost US$10,000 was raised during the activity.

He added that half of the amount raised was spent organizing the event and the other half will be donated.

“We may add more as donations keep coming in,” Hiponia said.

The activity was participated by 53 runners from Southern California and 21 virtual runners from all over the world.

Virtual runners ran/walked in any location around the world, either outdoors or indoors, as long as they were able to run 3.1 miles or 5 kilometers. They then sent their results through a computer application developed by the SUAASC.

They were composed of three people in Canada, two in London, one in Texas, San Diego, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Dubai, and ten in Dumaguete.

Joji Kaindoy-Amparo, SUAASC vice-president, will personally give the check during the 113th Founders Day Celebration this August.

The SUAASC is the first alumni association to organize a fund raising activity for the CCRP.

Mark Raygan Garcia, Office of Information and Publications director, said SU is also encouraging other chapters of the SU Alumni Associations to undertake a similar initiative.

“This event was not only for fun but also for the benefit of the communities which were greatly devastated by typhoons and other calamities,” Garcia said.

According to Garcia, the donation “will not benefit the university but will serve the affected communities through the CCRP.”

Garcia added that the event showed how Sillimanians demonstrate the heart of service to the university and to the community.

“It gives you an idea that wherever you are in the world, you can still help the university and the community,” he said.

The runners of the activity registered for US$50 which covered a finisher medal, made by the company which also makes the Boston Marathon and Hollywood Half marathon medals, a shirt for the activity, and a picnic pass for the food festival after the event.

The CCRP is a program of SU which capacitates the university to serve those affected communities with psycho-social intervention and stress debriefing, disaster training, relief good distribution, and scholarships for students who were affected by calamities.

By Dm Lorena Narciso and Nova Veraley Grafe

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