SU names new social workers

Seven Social Work graduates from Silliman University (SU) passed the 2014 Social Work Licensure Examination.

Out of the seven who passed, four were first-time takers while three were re-takers.

Emervencia Ligutom, chairperson of the Social Work Department (SWD), said they are very happy that the department has gained a 100% passing rate among the first-time takers.

She added that the SWD is planning to bring back their review classes and that they are hoping that other schools would join them.

“I hope this will push through . . . because one of the things that our students [have] been telling us is that it is too expensive to go to Cebu for the review classes,” Ligutom said.

SU’s new licensed social workers are Carlito V. Baligasa, Lyka Shayne O. Baniga, Antonieta B. Cismundo, Mia May M. De Los Santos, John Michael A. Infante, Hannah Mae L. Lubiano, and Nerisa R. Rendora.

Baniga said she and her classmates went to the University of Southern Philippines-Lahug to review for a month.

“Taking review classes in Cebu helped us in passing the exam. After that, we had a month to study on our own,” Baniga said.

She added that the all the learnings she gained from Silliman helped her throughout the exam.

“Aside from studying and reviewing, I also prayed every night to the Lord,” she said.

Baniga also recognized the help she got from her teachers who “did not only rely on books in teaching us but they also taught us from their experiences in the community.”

The last social work board placer was in 2004. Ligutom said she expects a placer and a 100% passing rate again from the graduating students who will be taking the board exam next year.

As one of the new social workers in the country, Baniga advised the graduating students to keep in mind what social work is all about.

“I know handling clients is never easy but always remember what our professors always tell us: We social workers do not give up on people,” Baniga said.

By Ina Isabelle Taburaza

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