SU Idol aspirants move to next rou

Fifteen Silliman Idol hopefuls, out of over 60 students who auditioned, qualified for the elimination rounds.

Suzmita Villegas, one of the organizers, said contestants who will qualify for the finals will have to go through workshops again to prep them for the finals night.

Eliminations will be on Aug. 3 and 10, but venues are still tentative.

Co-organizer Cheri Ansale also said this year’s Silliman Idol will not have a theme for the finals night.

“The Silliman Idol committee made changes to the categories for the first two rounds. Then, we decided that for the third round, all the contestants will sing the same song but with different renditions,” Ansale said.

Villegas added they are calling for support for both the contest and the contestants.

“If you have a friend or just someone you know who got in, all you have to do is support,” she said.

Finals night will be on Aug. 28 at the Hibalag Booth Area during the Founders Week Celebration.

Main organizers of the event are the Kapunungan sa mga Mass Communicators (KMC) and the Silliman Junior Business Executives (SJBE).

By Ina Isabelle Taburaza

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