Aggies now have Wi-Fi

Students of the College of Agriculture (COA) were granted Wi-Fi service by the Silliman University administration after they requested to have their own connection in their part of the campus.

Last July 22, FilProducts, the internet service provider of SU, installed two Wi-Fi routers in the COA campus located in Bantayan.

Wilson Cadalso Jr., a junior agriculture student, said he is thankful for the university’s quick response to their concern.

“I hope this event would become an example to the other institutions which promotes a healthy relationship between the students and the administration,” he added.

Meanwhile, guests who used to have unlimited access to SU’s Wi-Fi service will now have to ask for vouchers before they can connect.

Mark Raygan Garcia, director of the Office of Information and Publications (OIP), said SU is issuing the vouchers to limit the Wi-Fi access to students, faculty, and staff.

“Before, our Wi-Fi system was open to all so the tendency was that the internet connection became slow. With this, we can improve internet connectivity, ensure utilization of Wi-Fi, and protect the integrity of the Wi-Fi service provider,” Garcia said.

He also said the vouchers will grant the holder access to all 43 hotspots throughout the campus.

Vouchers are being distributed by the Office of Alumni and External Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, Information and Technology Center, Office of Information and Publications and Public Assistance and Safety Office.

In order for a guest to avail of them, Garcia said the person would have to go to the designated offices with the voucher codes.

“After you have gone to these offices and register with your complete contact details, you will be given a voucher code that is valid for 24 hours,” Garcia said.

If the guest will stay for two days, Garcia said the person will be given two voucher codes.

Garcia added that the university is encouraging all the students, faculty and staff to use the respective accounts in accessing Wi-Fi around the campus.

By Dm Lorena Narciso and Nova Veraley V. Grafe

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