That One Possibility in Life

For the past few days, I have been asking myself a lot of questions about the possible outcomes of my choices. I was asking myself “what if…?” and “what could have happened if…?” Each day, I wonder why I made those choices in my life which eventually led me to where I am now. I sometimes feel like every step I take in life has already been planned, as if my future, whatever it may be, is just a part of a big grand scheme that God has made specifically for me.

Now call me skeptical, but I do not believe people who say that the future is not set in stone. You know why? It is because the world, no matter how fast you think you can see it, will always be ahead of you. You do not believe me? Think of it this way: All you see in your life as of this moment, like you reading this right now, has already happened a few nanoseconds ago since the light that your eyes use to see had to travel from the object to your retina. Oversize that thought and realize that a bunch of ones and zeroes that make up the world, calculate to one thing—you and everything else in it. Not only do you live in the past, but everything in your life has already been written ahead before it could even occur. Think of the world as the Matrix movie where a computer has already decided what you will do the next morning before you even think of it because life is a hipster; it thinks of cool stuff before you can even consider it cool. In other words, the world is a bunch of codes that knows exactly what will happen tomorrow and the day after that until the end of your natural life and then so on.

Creepy, isn’t it?

But what if I told you that it is not so bad to know that all of these could just be a big plan from “the Man upstairs”? That is because in Quantum Physics, all these ones and zeroes are not absolute and they sometimes change. But why? Simple. It could be because you are living in the best possible outcome of your life. Those changed ones and zeroes could be God giving you a chance to live better. Some changes have to happen so that everything you are now is your best possibility. Those choices you have made in the past will always affect your future and all these ones and zeroes are the cores to giving the best thing for you. So do not blame anyone for anything because we are all just a bunch of code leading to the people we are today. Start living your life thinking you made the best choice even if it is wrong. Who knows? Maybe that one small mistake could be the reason why you are still enjoying the world.

Unless you are a time traveler, of course, but that would be a story for another time.

Graybles and Tales
John Rey L. Villareal

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