Test-drive Play

twsChange is the only thing that does not change in this world.

And this school year, Silliman University is accepting the challenge to cope with these changes—the so-called outcomes-based education (OBE). Outcomes-based education steers away from traditional teaching, which is content-centered. Instead, it focuses on the students’ performance and skills development.

Prof. Vanessa G. Nezamloo, director and the chairperson of the Speech and Theatre Arts Department of the College of Performing and Visual Arts (COPVA), said that their college, most especially the Speech and Theatre Arts Department, is currently testing the waters for this new design of education. As their first step, they came up with an idea of mounting a play. Their students in their sophomore, junior, and senior years who are taking up the three different major subjects (Acting Class, Play Production Class, and Theatre Practice) were fused together to showcase the play on stage. This play serves as their basis on how they have to go about the outcomes-based curriculum. After the play production, the students and teachers will discuss the theories in class. With OBE, teachers evaluate the students’ performance based on their learning experiences during the practicum play.

“OBE is great actually. It lets us experience things before we are actually taught the lessons. It makes the topic more relatable and students can understand more,” Darrell Rosales, third year speech and theater arts student and one of the actors of the Teen Angels, said.

Not to spoil you guys or anything, but here’s a gist of the play:

“I love you so much and I know you love me, but there isn’t a more perfect girl than Kate for you. Take good care of her…”

These lines are amongst one of the best lines uttered by the main character of a straight play entitled Teen Angels which COPVA produced.

Teen Angels is a story by D.M. Bocaz – Larson about a teenager named Peggy (Karla Longjas) who dies from a fatal car crash. When she wakes up, she finds herself at the gates of heaven where she meets an angel named Gabrielle (Wanella Ursos). Gabrielle gives her a task before she could gain her wings. She goes on a mission to bring together two lonely young individuals, Kate (Mica Chio) and Rick (Aaron Macabali).

The story takes place in a classic 1950’s American Diner. The set is propped with stools, backdrops, posters, and other classic diner pieces which had the 50’s style.

Peggy later becomes friends with David (Darrell Rosales). However, Gabrielle warns Peggy of David’s real identity and agenda—to hinder her from completing her task.

On the other hand, Kate, who works as a waitress at the diner, is secretly in love with Rick. During her work with manager Alice (Rozen Barillo), Kate is constantly hassled by the not-so-nice and spiteful duo, Heather (Beverly Binghay) and her friend (Lianne Lagrimas).

By almost the end of the story, Peggy intervenes and arranges a date for Kate and Rick. And what happens next? We’ll leave the rest for you to find out!

In lieu of the traditional way of teaching, Silliman University as a whole, is challenged to gear towards the outcomes-based or notionally recognized as the performance-based education. COPVA is now preparing for the revision of the educational system, having the play Teen Angels as the starter, to have themselves ready for the changes in the curriculum this coming year.

Teen Angels will be performed for free at the Audio Visual Theatre 1 from July 23-26 at 7:30 in the evening. A series of oral interpretations will also be featured. See you there!

By Nurilyn Elli and Rhobie Ruaya

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