Sillimanians Speak: “What do you think of the plan to reschedule NSTP classes?”

“As a football varsity player, I hope they decide against it because football training and ROTC requires the us­age of the ball field. We have trainings on Mondays, and they may conflict with each other. Accommodating the two is difficult and it may result in us training on a weekend and that is hard for players like me.” – Marco V. Reus, Bachelor of Science in Psychology II

“ROTC is meant to teach discipline under any circumstances or conditions. Moving its schedule to after­noons kind of makes it lenient. If you enter ROTC, you should understand what it is like to be a soldier and that would mean trying to adapt to a harsh schedule. But for LTS, since their purpose is to teach elemen­tary students, moving their schedule to Monday is a good idea because the public school students have Monday classes.” – Luke Edward Gallares, Bachelor of Science in Engineering II

“As a CWTS cadet, my stand in the rescheduling of NSTP classes is a big NO, mainly because Mondays are meant to be a preparatory day for the upcoming schooldays. Having NSTP classes on a Saturday is fine because it makes us feel like we had such a productive weekend.” – Daniel John F. Quinol, BS Office Management III

“I still prefer having the Saturday morning schedule so that we will be free to relax, do our assignments, and spend time with our families during Saturday afternoons.” – Yllorah Leigh Adrienne Horan, Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology I

Compiled by Mae Claudine Teves

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