Every morning, we awaken to a brand new day filled with many exciting surprises. It is a vast world beyond our doorstep, presenting an infinite number of adventures to embark upon, and we just cannot help but feel completely excited once we set our eyes on a certain jewel in this treasure hunt of life. In fact, one lifetime would not even be enough to live through every wonder this world has to offer. As human beings, we are free to chase after our dreams. We sometimes push ourselves beyond our limits, beyond anything that reality can shackle us with. We would do anything to feel none other than the revelry of satisfaction.

These entire things can be said and done, but when you are a student, just an eager dreamer stuck behind a desk in a classroom or a rookie just aiming to make it in the big leagues, the story’s going to be a little different.

Education has become a major routine in today’s generation. The fact that a person has put all his/her efforts just to attain knowledge over a certain field is a feat enough to grant him/her better chances of success in life. And so, we are pressured by society to pursue quality education, requiring us to take detours and compromise our daily adventures to achieve it. Where else other than a school can we find such a prize?

Instead of roaming freely, we deliberately limit our freedom in exchange for knowledge. The life of a student is not a walk in the park. A student, myself, I know the feeling of scouring through a number of pages to prepare for an upcoming test, and eventually coming to the realization that it was only one of many more tests that are yet to be taken in the future. Countless hours are spent in creating reports and going through that throat-choking pressure when you have to discuss them in front of the class. Long are those nights when you have to cram for a big test the next day, and you have not even read the topic because either you are too preoccupied with extracurricular activities or maybe you are too tired and frustrated from managing your time.

The last one seems to happen more than often, doesn’t it?

Life can be cruel. It presents us an open world and ironically holds us in custody while it continues to show off its glorious gifts not so far away from our reach. But, this ordeal does not go unrewarded. The struggles in school, like every other pain in this world, are only temporary. Eventually, we will move on. The lessons we gained throughout our student years will aid us in the highs and the lows of the future. I am not saying that we would immediately live trouble-free and in luxury after graduating, but I can assure you that we would be able to handle many upcoming struggles in life a lot better and ultimately grab ahold the gifts it teases. The time we sacrificed into taking these detours, including our compromises, sweat, and tears aren’t all for naught.

I am sure you already know that, but sometimes the stress and responsibility that heavily weigh our thoughts hinder us from seeing the whole picture. Sometimes, we even lose sight of what we are striving hard for. We should not back away when life pushes us down. It is best to remind ourselves every now and then that this is only a phase of the grand adventure.

The Wisdom Seeker
Ruhel Jon A. Besinga

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