MassCom, IT students win contests

Sillimanians bagged the first and second prizes in two different competitions which tested their verbal skills and problem-solving ability.

The inter-school Mock Calls and Code-run Programming Competitions were held last July 19 at the Robinsons Place.

Two SU senior mass communication students topped the Mock Calls competition. Cindy Bonachita and Raymond Cutillar ranked first and second, respectively.

Clarity of words, rate of speech, intonation, grammar, active listening, fluency and call control were the criteria for judging.

The inter-school Mock Calls competition, sponsored by Qualfon, was conducted to test the students’ skills in dealing with customers.

On the other hand, two teams from the SU College of Computer Studies (CCS) won the inter-school Code-run Programming Competition.

Code-run competition, according to one of the organizers, Gift Lasta, “is a mind sport programming competition where participants write source code of computer programs and solve given problems.”

Lasta added that the competition enhances students’ skills and equips them for the advancement of computers.

Yero Antonio Ranada, senior information technology student and one of the winners, said they were able to win the said competition because of their teamwork, luck, and skill.

“Programming is the core of every IT student and we thank our mentors for the knowledge they imparted to us. All the participants were good and also did their best,” Ranada said.

Ranada’s team ranked first place and received a cash prize of P10, 000 while another team also from SU CCS won second place.

Foundation University and Saint Paul University also participated in the competitions.

By Nova Veraley Grafe

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