Where is the EPE?

Empowered, Passionate, Energetic – these would be the three best words that I could describe a Sillimanian three years ago.

Back when I was still a freshman, I entered Silliman with little expectations. I was a kid from a small city where events are uncommon so I wasn’t that thrilled. However, when I became aware of the happenings inside the university, I grew excited. I was hopeful, but at the same time, I was doubtful. That never stopped me, so I swam against the current; I became active and started to participate more and more. For every activity, the excitement rose. Accomplishment felt good.

Day after day, preparations were done. Day after day, ideas became reality. Students were aware, the students were excited. You could feel their excitement in the air and it helped you to do even better. A huge number would then gather for every event. That excitement and sense of accomplishment then grew even bigger. The response of every student granted us the energy to do more, to create more.

And that was just from the SUSG. We haven’t even talked about the different organizations that are found inside the campus, each fighting for the top spot. And mind you, though funds were out of the question, their events were almost at equal standing with some of the events of the SUSG. Some organizations had their trademark activities which people kept looking forward to seeing year after year. Some organizations broke tradition and created new activities that would always entice the student body even much more than their traditional activities.

But that was three years ago. Today, the excitement that filled the air is gone. The empowered, the passionate, and the energetic are mostly gone. Former SUSG officers failed to pass on their legacy to someone else. They failed to teach the young ones how to be empowered, how to be passionate, and how to continue that driving force that helped them contribute to the well-being of Silliman.

I am not saying that Silliman is no longer empowered, passionate nor energetic. What I am saying is that it needs more from the students for the students. The SUSG officers should be the front liners in turning the sparks, witnessed last year, to flames of desire for a great and productive school year because the freshmen are looking up to them. Their eyes are watching their leaders if there’s passion in making the stay in Silliman more fun. These students will never break through their shells of timidity if they don’t feel empowered.

This year’s SUSG should remember this: Make the students feel the existence of your arranged activities and programs and bring out the best in the students who are destined to be future great leaders. Breed good and active giants, not sleeping ones.

Tales from the Dark Rose
Darrel Bryan T. Rosales

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