Sillimanians Speak: “What are your expectations for the SUSG this year?”

“I expect more competent and empowered youth leaders who will tend to/ prioritize the needs of the stu­dents especially to the freshmen. They should render reinforcement to school policies like proper waste man­agement and wearing of school IDs.” – Kurt Apura, BS Nursing IV

“I expect the Student Government to be able to work efficiently despite a limited budget in order to hold meaningful and fun activities for the students.” – Sanfred Germudo, BS Accty IV

“I am expecting a very well-operated, highly-enthusiastic, rational, and solid form of Student Government this school year who will continue the legacy of the SUSG officers before them.” – Daniel John F. Quinol, BS Office Management III

“I am not sure what to expect from the SUSG this school year.” – Jae Nejudne, Bachelor of Mass Communication IV

“I expect the SUSG to be sound this year. I am also expecting transparency to guarantee and assure the students that the current SUSG is serving them properly.” – Chrisdel Ragay, AB Pol Sci II

Compiled by Mae Claudine Teves

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