‘We want Wi-Fi’ -Aggies

Students from the College of Agriculture (COA) are appealing to the administration for a Wi-Fi connection in their campus since they are also paying for the P300 Wi-Fi fee every semester.

Wilson D. Cadalso Jr., a junior agriculture student, said offices at the COA have Wi-Fi but it is exclusive for faculty and staff use.

“We want to be treated fairly. We also want to have [Wi-Fi] connection here in the [College of Agriculture] since it is also part of the Silliman campus,” Cadalso said.

Last year, Silliman University (SU) installed 45 designated Wi- Fi areas in the main campus. It has a maximum data transfer rate or bandwidth of 30 mbps with Fil Products as the internet service provider.

Percival Gerard M. Genove, officer-in-charge of the Management Information System (MIS), said COA has not been provided with Wi-Fi because of its location and population.

Genove added that if the students really want Wi-Fi access, they can take their concern directly to the administration.

“Students can write an appeal to the vice-president for Finance and Administration (VPFA). The VPFA will evaluate if the cost is reasonable. If it is very expensive and there is a small population of students, then the cost might not be worth it,” he said.

He also said that once the evaluation is approved, the business office will coordinate with the MIS for the installation.

VPFA Cleonico Fontelo said the Finance and Administration office is already coordinating with Fil Products for the Wi-Fi installation at the COA

“We expect the service provider to effect the installation next week,” Fontelo said.

The university is paying approximately P250,000 per month for the connection, which is taken from the P300 Wi-Fi fee SU students pay per semester.

There are 117 students currently enrolled in the College of Agriculture.

By Princess Abellon

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