SU mulls change in NSTP sched

No more NSTP classes on Saturday mornings?

Advisers and lecturers of the National Service Training Program (NSTP) of the university are studying the possibility of rescheduling the NSTP classes, from morning to afternoon, and from Saturdays to Mondays.

This is primarily to cater to the different needs of the Reserved Officers Training Course (ROTC) and the Literacy Training Service (LTS) which are under the NSTP.

For the ROTC unit, Cleope said that their original schedule of 7am- 12pm should be changed in order to take preventive measures against the adverse effects of climate change.

“Although marching under the heat of the sun is part of the military discipline for ROTC cadets, we are also aware that a number of cadets collapse during training because they cannot stand the heat,” Cleope said.

However, Divine Cañafuego, ex-battalion officer of ROTC, said that the study would be of great help to the cadets but the essence of real military discipline will be forgotten.

“The schedule for ROTC officers must start in the morning for it is part of the military training. Afternoons should be their time for rest,” said Cañafuego.

Moreover, Cleope said that the change of schedule would cater to the needs of the guests.

“Since most of the ROTC formations, ceremonial parades, and ceremonies are held in the morning, we take into consideration our retired military guests and honorees who can no longer stand the heat,” Cleope said.

Sharon Fuchs, one of the ROTC sponsors this year, said that a change in schedule would help lessen the number of cadets who faint during training.

“It’s a good thing. At least the cadets do not need to wake up early. They can eat breakfast and lunch properly,” Fuchs said.

On the other hand, Cleope said that there is a possibility that the Literacy Training Service (LTS) classes will be scheduled on Mondays instead of Saturdays.

“Most public schools do not have classes on a Saturday so the LTS cadets cannot visit schools and have their literacy training,” said Cleope.

But LTS cadet Joeden Grace M. Salva disagrees with the proposed rescheduling.

“I take every Monday as a chance to go back to my hometown. It’s better to have [LTS classes] on Saturdays. Also, it will be too tiring for us because Tuesday is time for regular classes again,” Salva said.

As of now, the NSTP advisers are weighing the advantages and disadvantages of changing the schedule

By Leslie Bataliones

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