Rover Scout turned over to CWTS

The Rover Scout unit, which served under the Reserve Officers Training Course (ROTC) for two years, has been made a component of Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) this year.

“It was only after the accreditation of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) that Silliman University (SU) decided to transfer the Rover Scout to CWTS,” said Capt. McDiery Concepcion, Public Assistance and Security Office (PASO) chief and Rover Scout coordinator.

“Rover Scout is a civic service provider and should not be a military component; It is under the Boy Scouts of the Philippines,” said Dr. Earl Jude Cleope, National Service Training Program (NSTP) coordinator.

Concepcion added that the members of the Rovers Scout are trained for disaster preparedness and first aid so they can know how to respond when calamity strikes and they will be able to assist others. They will also help in the calamity program of the university.

“The Rover Scout will serve as the coordinating group who will collect donations of goods, from different colleges and departments in the university, for disasters and calamities.” Concepcion said.

Moreover, Cleope said that the three components of NSTP [ROTC, CWTS, and Literacy Training Service (LTS)] will coordinate with the Rover Scout, in assisting the university’s calamity response team.

“The students under NSTP will help in piling the stocks of goods to be sent to Tacloban and other parts of the country hit by Typhoon Yolanda,”Cleope said.

By Leslie Batallones

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