By Andrea Lim

We were the last batch of Mass Communication freshmen students to experience having classes in Guy Hall, and all of us do not know if this is something to be happy about or not. For one, everyone was lucky enough to still experience classes in that building; to be able to make memories in it.

Each one of us was able to contribute to the rich history of the beloved building even if we only got to stay there for a school year. On the other hand, it is also disheartening that those few moments will be our only memories of Guy Hall. One day we learned that Manila Bulletin Chairman Emilio T. Yap donated a huge sum of money to the college.

When our teachers announced that we were going to have our own college building, everyone held their breaths. We suffered from separation anxiety and bittersweet nostalgia attacks. We could not imagine leaving our beloved Guy Hall.

We can now only relive Guy Hall in our memories. All freshmen students who have studied there have also had their share of awkward entrances and exits on the first floor of Guy Hall where higher years would usually hang out and laugh a lot together. Some freshmen would have wondered why the higher years felt at home so much. They would have asked themselves, “What’s so special about this creepy old building?”

But it took just a little time for the Freshmen to also fall in love; somehow the building seduced them with its charms. It proved its beauty effortlessly. The Freshmen, being meek at the beginning, mustered all their courage to approach their ates and kuyas and asked them, “Why is love seen in your eyes every time you are in Guy Hall?”

Everyone who has stayed in Guy Hall shares the same sentiments because every piece of the place encapsulates unforgettable tales. Who can forget the inviting wooden staircase which was once climbed with delight? It has remained sturdy through the years. Who can forget the old red couch? It does not seem appealing at first sight but its soft cushions have put countless students to sleep.

Many students have been caught by teachers sleeping comfortably on the couch. Who has not experienced spooky moments at Guy Hall? Every student who has been there remembers them by heart. But of all the things we cannot forget, Com Room 3 stands out from among them.

Anyone would fall in love with Com Room 3’s big windows on its left side. Boredom of waiting for classes to start was fought by taking long peeks of the boulevard through those windows. The majestic sights of different sunsets never fail to take each one’s breathsaway. And if eyes grow tired, the annoying sounds of the docking ships will never fail to steal the attention away from the teacher. The room gave everyone a perfect place of meditation, enabling one to think deep and real about life. It is also a good source of inspiration for writing poems.

The tWS office used to be located at Guy Hall. Campus journalists’ skills were honed and deadlines were beaten there until the office was transferred to Oriental Hall on 2011. Staffers used to handle space constraints due to lengthy paragraphs just so they can produce a quality school paper. People with bulging eyebags used to wander around the halls of that building. They always had coffee in their hands.

COPVA’s Music Sala also used to be on the third floor of Guy Hall. College classes and SU Band practices were held there. Mass Com students who also had their classes in that hall will never forget those times when background music accompanied the teachers’ lectures.

Guy Hall has a rich history. Its construction was finished on 1918. Before serving as our college building, it was once a dormitory for men. Even before that, it was an enemy garrison during the Japanese occupation.
We only had a year in Guy Hall. It served as home to many students for so many years. Visits to the East Quadrangle surely make students miss it.

What if, just what if, students were able to appreciate transitions and farewells despite how uncomfortable it could be? This goes also for all Sillimanians from different colleges and departments who have experienced transferring from one building to another, old or new. Silliman’s old buildings have taught its beloved students that happiness can be found on little things and it will only be found after taking a closer look. Different seasons do come and go and now is another season to embrace changes in order to achieve long term development.
Now, to make new memories in our new building…

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