SUCN ranked top performing school

By Princess Abellon and Ina Isabelle Taburaza

After ten years, the Silliman University College of Nursing  (SUCN) once again passed the Nursing Licensure Examinations (NLE)  with a  100% rating. Hence, they were named  one of the top nursing schools in the  country by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC).

Silliman University (SU) was ranked as one of the number one nursing schools  in the country this year together with  Cebu Normal  University and West Visayas State University-La Paz.

The last time SUCN passed with a 100% rating  was in 2004.

Officer-in-charge of SUCN, Asst. Prof. Tita Q. Dumalag, said SUCN’s  faculty and staff, the facilities, the  new curriculum, and the  students had  contributed to the improvement of this  year’s rating.
“We give the 100% passing rate credit  to the students who really worked so hard  to have those grades and who were able  to make it to the board examination….We also give credit to the faculty,” Dumalag said.

Because of this recent achievement, Dumalag said that this year would be  another challenge for the SUCN to  maintain the perfect  passing rate.

“SUCN is experiencing pressure  especially because we now have a group  of students who will be finishing this  October….The four years are actually a  preparation for the board examination. To me, it’s not really the review that  helps you pass the board exams, it is  the preparation during the four years,” Dumalag said.

With the increase of unemployment rate for nurses, Dumalag said that the  SUCN encourages board passers to create their own jobs as nurses.
“[For example] in terms of  establishing a clinic, [nurses] can put  up a nurse-managed clinic,” Dumalag stated.
Dumalag also added that Silliman University is encouraging these board  passers to go into graduate school “to better prepare for the future.”

“[They can proceed to] get a master’s  degree, then to a doctorate degree, and to a post-doctorate degree. Actually, this is the demand for professionals now.” Dumalag said.

Fifty-three Sillimanians were among the country’s 11, 225 new nurses who passed the 2014 NLE last May. Fifty of them took the board exam for the  first time. These are Silliman’s new registered nurses:
1. ALINGCOMOT, Kim Laurel Tubongbanua
2. ALVIOLA, Christine Ann Toro
3. APACIBLE, Althea Denise Muncal
4. AUSTERO, Maria Terisa Olasiman
5. BABOR, Cindy Kaye Tenorio
6. BACTOL, Phoebe Jayne Aragon
7. BAYHON, Krisha Justine Sy
8. BEJERANO III, Jose Mari Ong
9. BONGCARON, Stephanie Rosell
10. BULANDRES, Ivana Yasmin Cabrera
11. CABAHUG, Danielle Angelique Nakila
12. CADIENTE,Shenna Mariz  Estorco
13. CHUANG, Fionna May Jacinto
14. CORNELIO, Maria Katrina Miral
15. DADULE, Precious Dominic Lara
16. DALISAY, Jel Kithren Tembrevilla
17. DESPOJO, Khail Aaron
18. DETABLAN, Precious Joy Torre
19. DIAO, Aires Marie Uy
20. DURAN, Jovi Gentapa
21. EDMA, Maricor Gin Ontoy
22. ENAD,Kamille Roshiane Abellanosa
23. FABE, Maria Ancella Sinco
24. FRANCISCO, Princess Apple Castro
25. GOMEZ, Bea Brenda Malazarte
26. GONZALES, Christine Joy Ybiosa
27. ISMAEL, Lailyn Sardan
28. JIMENEZ, Kevin Alexis Omictin
29. KUMAR, Dery Grace Tucaling
30. LEDESMA, Luce Dawn Bartoces
31. LIGORES,Charise Claire Balatero
32. LIMBAGA, Althea Marie Suganob
33. MAGBOO II, Edna Jane Adelee Pamaran
34. MAQUELABIT, Eula Marie Cagantas
35. MASANGKAY, Dianna Mari Soledad
36. NAVARRO, Bethany Aristorenas
37. PALOMAR, Mae Kristen Torres
38. POLIRAN, Kweena Lou Abayabay
39. RAYMUNDO, Andree Taryn Torres
40. REBOSURA, Criscille Ann Tapis
41. RONDARIO, Jezro Mari Talisayan
42. SANTOS, Joanne Oralde
43. SHAFI, Fatima Somoza
44. SOLIS, Venice Marion Sanico
45. SUASIN, Kristeline Sy
46. TAGORDA, Doreen Tiffany Rosario
47. TAHAMID, Darlisa Nucsin
48. TORRES, Rhowell Violeta
49. UY, Angelica Adalim
50. VERGARA, Hatch Blaise Dizon
51. VILAR, Lulu Siera Ferraren
52. VILLANUEVA, Marville Lagarde
53.YUSAY, Mary Geo Belle

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