SU Admin limits party budget to Php50

By DM Lorena Narciso

Budget for acquaintance parties and other similar activities will be limited to PHP50 only as stated in the memorandum issued last June 30.

The Silliman University administration is urging college organizations to lower their party budgets to help ease the financial burdens of parents.

Cleonico Y. Fontelo, Vice- President for Finance and Administration said that the administration has been receiving a number of complaints from parents over the past years regarding the high amounts of party fees.

“We are concerned about the money of the parents being spent on school fees,” Fontelo added.

On the other hand, Darrell Bryan Rosales, conveyor of the League of Governors [LOG], said that although the governors are not against the memo, the issuance of the memo is very untimely.

“All the governors of the different colleges have already planned our budget last summer and that includes the budget for the acquaintance party. Because of the late issuance of the memo, we had trouble re-planning everything,” Rosales said.

Rosales also pointed out that the memorandum contradicts the rule issued by the Business and Finance regarding the budget for food which states that a minimum budget for a meal is PHP100 and PHP25 for snacks.

Director for Information and Publication, Mark Raygan Garcia, said that the colleges and other organizations “don’t have to spend so much in order to associate yourself with the people in your college.”

“Get down to the core of what an acquaintance party really is whether it really is something that requires spending or it is something that requires modest amount of contribution in achieving any purpose you may have for it,” Garcia added.

Garcia also clarified that the administration is not controlling the organizations and colleges.

“What we are saying is, please be very cautious in terms of holding activities and getting contributions from your students,” Garcia said.

Joyce Mae Pino, governor of the College of the Business Administration (CBA) said that if the memo cannot be changed, the council will ask for refunds from the Office of Business and Finance.

“The students paid for more than PHP50 for their acquaintance party which is already included in their college fees. And we already remitted the budgeted money for the party to the Business and Finance,” said Pino.

The PHP50 budget per student will cover all the necessary expenses for the activity such as food, venue, sound system, and decorations.

Currently, the LOG is drafting a letter signed by all the governors appealing to the administration to implement the memorandum next semester.

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