Kiosks banned from selling rice meals

By DM Lorena Narciso

DUE TO HEALTH and sanitary concerns, the Silliman University (SU) administration issued a memorandum last June 26 restricting student kiosks to sell rice meals inside the campus.

Vice-President for Finance and Administration, Cleonico Y. Fontelo, said that the mandated memo will serve as a preventive measure to avoid unsanitary practices in food handling and preparation.

“We have implemented this memorandum because every year we see leftovers spreading all over the grounds and we have observed that student kiosks run by Business Administration students, do not have properly installed sinks and drainage system which makes [their food handling] untidy and unsanitary,” Fontelo said.

Fontelo added that student kiosks are not expected to sell rice meals; only kiosks that rent inside the campus are allowed to.
“The kiosks renting inside campus are exempted from this memorandum because it is stated in their contracts with the university that they can sell rice meals,” Fontelo added.

Moreover, Fontelo said that the administration also considers the cafeteria which sells complete rice meals.
“Food served in the cafeteria is being monitored and we can assure the students that they can get nutritive value from them,” Fontelo stated.

However, Business Administration students feel that the sudden decision of the administration was untimely and unfair and they are afraid it will lead to the loss of their earnings.

College of Business Administration governor, Joyce Mae Pino, said that the student council appealed to the office of the VPFA. Unfortunately, they were not able to do something since “the mandate is already final.”

Christian Amada, fourth year Management student also said that the administration issued the memo right after they have already purchased raw materials for their rice meals.

“They should have told us earlier so we could have been aware. They could have given us time to plan and prepare again for our kiosk,” Amada added.

“The managers of the kiosks are deliberating as to how they can deal with their profit loss,” Pino said.

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