I stand corrected

By Kathryn Ged Ballesteros

If I threw stones at you, would you do the same and despise me?

In a story about a barber and a dog, the barber drives the dog away for eating his chickens’ eggs. While doing so, he lost his wallet unknowingly. The next day, he found the same dog by his front door with his wallet in its mouth.

How often do we take offense and try to “get even”? Perhaps if we were handed money every time we did, we’d be rich in no time. Of course, if someone threw stones at you, your first impulse would tell you to pick up larger stones and start throwing back. It just feels fair that way.

The story is somehow similar to one of the most popular stories in the Bible: The story of how Christ descended to Earth and dwelt with men; the story that tells the world how we condemned and left Him. But despite that, He came back to us, faithful as ever.

As we live, we become accustomed with our worldly ways of taking revenge and forget that we were told to “love your enemies”. We forget that we are to forgive and not condemn; to understand and not to judge.

Just like the dog in the story, we should forgive people who threw stones at us. Better yet, give them something more valuable than their wallet; give them a chance to start again.

Just like the man in the story, we are quick to make judgments but are we as quick to admit we were wrong? Our ability to make things even never really mattered. It was never about how hard you can throw stones. For in the Heavens, we are only measured by our courage to say “I stand corrected”.

1 Comment on I stand corrected

  1. This is awesome, BTW. I’ve read this 2 years ago and it still really gets me a lot. Kudos, Kath.

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