Tough SU dorm rules spark student backlash

By DM Lorena Narciso

AS SILLIMAN UNIVERSITY tightens security on campus, it has imposed strict dormitory policies that prompted some dormers to say the rules are overbearing.
One of the changes in particular is the firm implementation of the curfew. Residents who stay past the designated time are being advised to move out of the dorm, even those who stay out late because of academic and extra-curricular activities.

Second year medical technology student and class honoree Danica Elaine Ebarle said the new policy is causing her to consider moving out of Larena Hall.
She said she does not want to leave but may have to since she has missed the curfew several times because of various outside-campus study sessions.

“It’s unfair . . . The dorm heads did not give us a notice. They just said we can be kicked out because we are always late,” she said.

Princeton Apura, Student Housing and Residence Division (SHRD) head, said they do advise “busy dormers” who cannot participate in dorm activities, especially weekly devotions, to leave the dorm.
“If you cannot abide by the rules and regulations of the dorm, then you better get out,” Apura said.
He added that this does not mean they are curtailing dormers’ freedom but they have to impose the rules for everyone’s well-being.

Before the rules changed, residents who do not make the 9:30 p.m. (on weekdays) and 10 p.m. (on weekends) curfews are eventually let in by dorm managers. Now, dorm officials are saying: abide by the rules or get out.
Larena Hall manager Elsa Mae Aliñabon and Woodward Hall assistant manager Louie Alvin Franche said they agree with the policy, saying it is for the safety of students and dorm managers alike.

“If students are really busy with schoolwork, then they just have to leave the dorm so they never have to deal with the curfew at all,” Franche said.

But for Lora Namocatcat, SU Student Government Dorm Life Committee chair, dormitories should not heavily base student performance on attendance and promptness to dorm activities.

“A lot of students cannot attend dorm activities due to academic reasons. Some are not able to actively participate in dorm activities, yet they excel academically. Dorms should adapt to the changes of student life,” she said.

On the other hand, fourth year psychology student and Larena dormer Erika Tacogue said she believes it is also unfair to put the blame entirely on the dorm management.
“It’s not fair for the people who open the doors for us every night. How would you feel if someone kept knocking on your door and disturbing your sleep? As students, we may also sleep in the wee hours of the morning because of paper works. But for us, it is only for a few days or a few weeks at the most. For the people who open the door for us, it’s their everyday life,” she said.
The SHRD remains the final-decision making body on whether a student gets to stay in the dorm or not.~

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