To My Graduating Roommate


For many of us here in Silliman, the college experience is not complete without dorm life; and dorm life is not complete without dorm mates.
This letter I’m writing is for a very special dorm mate- my roommate.

Hi roomie! This is it! These are your last few days as a mass com student and I’m so filled with emotions (char murag ako ang star). We’ve spent quite some time together and I just want to take this time to reminisce. I remember very clearly my first impression of you when I moved in to our room. You were at class so I had a lot of time to move some of your stuff in order for me to stuff my stuff in. Daghan kaayo tag stuff (but I’ll get to that later).
Seeing your things gave me an idea of who you were. Lots of sports stuffagoy, athlete. Lots of sashes- agoy, pageant material, gwapa tingali ni. Lots of to- do lists-agoy, maypagka naning. And a bit of clutter- agoy, busy. But the strongest and most lasting impression you gave me was when I met you for the first time. You had long black hair then. Long black hair, and probably the warmest smile I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Then it hit me-agoy, buutan. That impression could never be more spot-on.

You were very welcoming, I felt comfortable instantly. I liked our tandem. You were the sporty journalist and I was the girly band kid. Things were great. I’d get up, have a shower, get changed, brush my teeth; then you’d wake up, get changed, and brush your teeth. I’d leave with my doll shoes and purse, and you’d leave with your sneakers and backpack. It was fun to live with someone quite opposite from me, yet we never, ever fought.

Not once. Not even a bit. Not ever. I’d borrow your stuff and you’d borrow mine, I was quite messy, yet you didn’t mind.
We talked about family, school, Christianity, and boys. Oh the boys. I’d chuckle every time you’d run out of the room when your phone would start to ring for a split second.
Haha, and why wouldn’t you run? I’d shout “I love you!” To the person on the other line every chance I’d get. Respectively, you’d laugh at me every time I’d come home and just sit on the floor, paralyzed with kilig. Hahay.
We won’t be able to do that anymore.
We weren’t the holiest of people either. Sometimes buntag nako makauli from laag, sometimes ikaw pud. But despite that we found a way to encourage each other to grow as children of God. I especially remember that one Sunday night I came home a bit tipsy, and you were waiting there, so excited to tell me about how blessed you were from church. BOOM. Konsensha all over my body. I was so happy with and for you yet also torn up inside about the person I was starting to become. God made that moment happen in order to stop me.

You were His instrument.

Fast forward to the last few months.

I witnessed how your priorities changed from enjoying college, to finishing it. I saw first hand how you’d stay up till 3-4 am writing papers, or making reports. I wasn’t really asleep. I can’t sleep well with the lights on. Hahaha but it was fine. I learned from you that sleep sometimes has to be sacrificed for success to be attained. Of course I know ga facebook pud ka (haha alangan), but that’s not the point. The point is, you were a living example of what the Bible meant when it said that ‘there is a time for everything’.
Then, You became even more busy and sleep deprived. I’d put my uniform on and leave for duty at seven, and you’d be doing your paper, I’d come back at 1, and you’d be doing a report. Ako muy gikapoy para nimo. Pero happy sad ko. I knew you were happy. You were determined, you had this. And now, you’re even closer. Just a few more days. DAYS. From for YEARS to a few DAYS. Haaay nako ayaw ko bya’i please. Kinsa naman akong katunga sa bayad ig padeliver nakog Nevas? Haha.. But seriously, I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud to be your roommate.
I’m so proud to be your friend.
So to all graduating dormers, flat mates, pad pals, boarding house buddies, condo comrades (+ points for wordplay), I’d… we’d like to give a huge “thank you”. Salamat. From your mga manghod na kiatan, your mga feeling igsuon who look up to you, your younger friends who have grown to love you.

Take the world by storm. Love the rain, sail the seas. Hahaha.

Ngano ni akong metaphor? Bitaw, congrats ninyong tanan, ug congrats nimo, Jannica A. Papelleras.

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