Sympathy, Please


Parents choose to let their children live in dorms located within Silliman University for the many benefits it offers.

First, the dormitories are located just meters away from academic buildings, making SU dormers save on transportation expenses.

Second, facilities in the dorms are far better and cleaner compared to a lot of boarding houses all over the city. Third, and most importantly, living in SU dorms is a much safer option compared to staying in boarding houses because adequate security is provided 24/7.

Like in all halls of residence, there are guidelines to be followed.
One of the most common and often, most violated rule is the following of curfews. Students stay out beyond their curfew for many reasons.
Some go back to their dorms during the wee hours of the morning after partying or attending to their personal concerns. Others go to study sessions or finish their requirements with classmates and return at daybreak. Dorm managers have probably heard the pettiest to the most important reasons on why their boarders go back extremely late.

Now that the Student Housing and Residence Division (SHRD) is more stringent in its implementation of the curfew, the weight of any dormer’s excuse won’t matter. It’s either they follow the rules or find another place to stay.
The Weekly Sillimanian believes that this is a very alarming way of reinforcing an existing rule. This is very inconsiderate on the part of students who have academic and co-curricular obligations until late into the night. Not all students wilfully stay out late from their dorms unless they have very important things to do. This is especially true in times of project deadlines and major exams.

Students who are staying in dorms have no control over these and the fact that they are threatened into being kicked out is twice as unfair.
Other than being insensitive, this strictness leaves students prone to being victims of crimes. Though it would be a hassle on the part of dorm managers to open doors to students who return late, it is a small price to pay in keeping them protected from being victims of theft or worse, being victims of accidents elsewhere.

The SHRD must rethink how harsh its implementation is. It should be sympathetic to students who are working really hard for their grades and organizations, the very students who are also seeking a temporary home that offers safety and understanding.

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