Graduation Goggles

By Katrin Anne Arcala

Silliman University was not my dream school. I have long since set my sight on my desired academic institution ever since my elementary years. How I ended up here is a long story. But how my last four years went is what matters.

Flashback four years ago, all I wanted was a fresh environment, a boarding room of my own, a city life with crowded streets.

I wanted to get out of Dumaguete, a place I’ve spent a good portion of my high school years in. I wanted to meet new people and build connections elsewhere. I wanted to be somewhere else.
But having been forced to stay behind the city of gentle people, I decided to at least try to make my college years ‘okay’.

So yes, I met some friends. Believe me, my batchmates and I weren’t as well-knitted as we are today.

Our batch used to have subgroups – a lot of them. But as time went by, some had to leave for their own respective reasons. Others had to fall back in line. But between our arguments on where to grab our lunch, our spontaneous adventures to Malatapay, random days on karaoke rooms, our shameless sleepovers, our deadlines, our blood, sweat and tears – we became family.
And the school became our home.

I didn’t feel this when I was in my freshman and sophomore years. Everything felt so slow in front of me. I hated required activities.

I hated some classes and subjects. I hated having to go alone from classto-class. I hated practically many things. But now that I’m counting the days before graduation, I realize how fast time flew. The hater is now a lover and many other things. Here, I became a writer, a host, a student leader, an ambassador, a volunteer, a teacher, a faithful follower of Christ. I became a Sillimanian.

Don’t get me wrong. We all love this school by the very moment I am typing this down. But of course, even love stories such as this has its own beginnings. It may not have been our first love. But through time and space, we found how much this institution has honed us into who we are today.

We learned to love it as our own.

I guess I’m feeling the same graduation goggles which Ted (as coined from the series How I Met Your Mother) felt when he tried to break up with Zoey. It’s this nostalgic feeling you get when something or someone in your life is about to end or be gone, even if the relationship wasn’t perfect. I could only smile when I hear Sarah McLachlans’s “I Will Remember You” because indeed, I will remember the people and the memories from this university.

I may not have wanted to be in this school. But I realized how much I needed to be in this school.

And as I hop on the next bus of opportunity to somewhere unknown, I could only remember how I have become the person that I am today because of Silliman University.

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  1. Cool Kat! gimingaw kos Silliman…esp tWS 2013 family

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