“What are your thoughts on this year’s elections?”

“I think all of my friends know I’ve argued to the point that we must vote for the perfect candidate. This year’s election gave me again the feeling that we have to vote for the exceptional out of fear of the alternative. ”
John Patrick Q. Chang, BBA MGT I


“I’m impressed on how they showed competence and dedication but I’m not happy with the thought that you can only run if you’re part of either of the two orgs: RYLF and Ang sandigan. I wish there’s an independent party which requires no organization.”
Chelsie A. Balmadres, BBA MGT I


“It was a hassle. As a freshmen student we deserve to know the procedures in voting. The comelec officials did not really give clear instructions. I hope this would improve for next school year.”
Bharkis C. Kasing., BS Entrep I


“Right now, I am only hoping for a progressive and more actual student oriented plan of actions and programs.”
 Reece Ven V. Bico, M.Div II




Compiled by Nectarina Catada



** Next issue’s question:
“Among all the university policies implemented this year, which one did you like the least?”

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