Villahermosa, Orosco win SG election

By Kristine Ann M. Fernandez

CAUSE standard-bearer Hanz Denzil Villahermosa defeated SURE’s Jason Capundag as president of next school year’s Silliman University Student Government.

With a margin of 157 votes, junior education student Villahermosa garnered 1,560 votes while senior business management student Capundag got 1,403 votes.

In the vice-presidential race, junior medical technology student representing the SURE party Gabriel Paulo Orosco won by a margin of 709 votes against junior physical therapy student and CAUSE representative Tobi Jasper Enriquez. Votes for Orosco totaled 1,837 compared to Enriquez’s 1,128.

SG president-elect Villahermosa said he is “overwhelmed with the tremendous support” shown by the student body.

“I am ready to face this huge responsibility especially since there are many student-leaders who are really passionate in serving and who could join me in leading the student government excellently next school year,” he said.
Although not from the same political party, SURE’s Orosco said he looks forward to working with CAUSE’s Villahermosa.

“I can see the president as an able leader and an open person. I am willing to be his ‘side kick’ . . . because in the end, our service belongs to the students, not to any party,” said Orosco.

Meanwhile, former SG presidential hopeful, Capundag, said he will continue to serve the student body despite the loss.
“Right now, I am looking forward to be the senior advisor of the Siquijorian student association called SEEDS and to continue doing outreach programs as a two-year Mga Bagong Rizal Awardee. I know I have a lot of opportunities to come next school year,” he said.

Other winning college representatives are:
-Wilson Cadalso Jr. and Elline Macay of the College of Agriculture

-Edcarl Cagandahan, Mary Joy Lacuña, Allison Cruyff Ladero, Al Rey Rosano of the College of Arts and Sciences

-Stefan Daniel Alcantara, Archie Anastacio, Gil Buenavista, Nikko Paolo Calledo, Martha Megan Dugan, Kirk Philip Emperado, and Mae and Piñero of the College of Business Administration

-Kryztal Acuña, Jucille Ann Austero, and Irene Sophia Ramos of the Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences

-Mark Roy Diez and Dyannah Alexa Marie Ramacho of the College of Computer Studies

-Maricon Deparoco, Christian Sevilla, and Noreen Tapis of the College of Education

-Kyra Estelle Aguilar, Gift Gayo, Arnnie Saga, and Azanna Jeunesse Salatandre of the College of Engineering and Design

-Jude Martin Amiscaray, Kri Jypson Esturas, Rosanne Sophia Gravador, Ma. Chiera Patrice Magallano, and Amidala Gabrielle Quisumbing of the High School Department

-Yasmeen Junaid and Valz Demreeve Salma of the College of Law

-Nelly Mae Dableo and Mariana Varela of the College of Mass Communication

-Gil Aurus Alcoran and Feliciano Mahinay II of the Medical School

-Mark Lester Mero and Trixy Pearl Susas of the College of Nursing

-Deborah Jael Herrera and Josh Mar Oguilla of the College of Performing and Visual Arts

-Agatha Yola Bayocboc and Sabrina Trasmonte of the School of Public Affairs and Governance

-Pol Eldridge Caluscusan and Kasey Kamille Flores of the Institute of Rehabilitative Studies

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