SG says financial crisis has been resolved

By DM Lorena V. Narciso

Around P156,000 was refunded to the Silliman University Student Government last week as part of the SU administration’s move to help the SUSG with its financial problem.

Vice-president for Finance and Administration Cleonico Fontelo said the returned sum came from the adjusted amount charged by the Buildings and Grounds (BG) worth P103,000 and the administration’s share on concessionaires’ rent during the Hibalag Booth Festival worth P53,000.

“We were able to adjust the charges because the materials we made available to the SG were all retrieved by the Buildings and Grounds. So it is reasonable that we adjust the material charges,” he said.

Fontelo added that this is the administration’s way of supporting the SG who “helped in our celebration of Founders Week.” Earlier this year, the SG announced that their remaining activities may not be carried out due to lack of funding. SG president Rona Namocatcat cited the cost of around P274,000 paid to the BG for the Hibalag Festival alone during Founders Week to be one of the causes.

Namocatcat said she is happy that the administration understood them and heeded their request for assistance.
“I can safely say that our account is okay. The next SG administration do not have any debt to worry about. We have enough money to spend until the end of the semester,” she said.

Namocatcat added that they will use the money to pay for activities that were put on hold and for the production of “Kabsi 3.”

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