Dear You,
There are 26 letters in the English alphabet.
21 consonants.
5 vowels.
Infinite words.
And when I first met you all I could think of was that infinity & the words spilling out of it. Words that tried to tumble out of my mouth awkwardly—like a fish on land, like two left feet—& small talk their way to your side. Words like “Hey, my name is” and “I like your shirt” and “Wanna get some coffee sometime?”
Words that were drawn out slower than my rapidly beating heart. Words that balanced at the tip of my tongue & nearly fell into your universe. Words that never seemed to be enough.
And still, I am thinking about that infinity.
That infinity that connects the lines of our palms into a web of laughter & tears. That infinity that starts with your happiness & ends with mine. That infinity that lets thoughts become actions & actions become a hug, a kiss, a whisper in the dark. I am thinking about that infinite space where words are suspended in air & words aren’t enough to say what I mean, what I feel.
But there are 26 letters—21 consonants & 5 vowels—are all I have.
And I don’t need infinity to say this: I love you. And in our own little space of infinity these are the only words I need.



*Allyson Kay T. Raymundo won first place in the recently concluded love writing contest. She is a third year student nurse. Runners up are Camille C. Ibarra, BMC-IV and Cahlia Faye C. Enero, BMT-I, respectively.

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