Last Words

 By Julius Anthony B. Ragay

“When we leave the halls of Silliman, roam the world o’er near and far.”

This line of the Silliman Song reverberates across the hearts of this year’s graduating class as we head for our last few weeks in this university. But we must ponder: are we genuinely ready to leave the halls of our second home? Have we done what we wanted to do during our stay in Silliman? And most importantly, have we made a difference during our stay?

As we gear ourselves to face the real world, many of us still feel that we are not ready to confront the challenges that lie ahead of us. So many changes will happen after we graduate.
For example, our parents might no longer give us our beloved allowances since we are expected to make our own means. There will no longer be classmates who we can greatly depend on when we have troubles in our respective workplaces. We will no longer have teachers who help us out when we are in need instead of making our lives miserable.

Each of this year’s graduating students exhibits his/her own unique characteristics and excellence in respective fields.
Some were engaged heavily in student leadership, sports, arts, academics, and others. Some of the graduates-to-be feel that there were things they should have done and regret the fact that they were not able to do it. My humble advice to my fellow graduates-to be is that there were valid reasons why you were not able to do those things you wanted to do and those justifications make up who you are today.

Therefore, do not regret not doing those things. Instead,
be happy of who you are right now.

But just in case you really have that itch to do what you have not done, March 23 is not the end of the world. Your best days are ahead of you. Go and do what your heart desires after graduation.

‘Make a difference.’ This must be one of the most overused phrases by today’s idealistic youth, but it means a lot. We must do something which we can be proud of in the future. However, this act does not have to be an act of astronomical proportions such as ending world hunger or initiating world peace. According to the movie ‘Evan Almighty,’ goodness starts with an ARK. That is, goodness starts with an Act of Random Kindness. Even if you simply told your classmate what was discussed last meeting, you turned off a faucet that was left running in the comfort room, or you helped your teacher distribute checked exam papers to the class, you have made a difference by that one act of random kindness.

As a graduate of Silliman University, we are equipped with holistic education. That is education encompassing not only that of intellectual aspects, but also emotional, social and spiritual aspects. With this, we owe to Silliman what we will achieve in the future. A simple request to my fellow graduates-tobe: let us be proud to call ourselves Sillimanians. Let us remain loyal to our Alma Mater.

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