Fine arts major brings exhibit to Cebu

By Kristine Felva P. Licup

A senior student from the College of Performing and Visual Arts became the first ever fine arts major to do a solo exhibit outside Dumaguete City.

Accompanied by her professors, Rica Maceren went to Cebu last Feb.23 for the opening of her exhibit entitled “The Unspoken Truth” at the CAP building, Roxas Blvd.

Maceren said aside from her debut as an artist, the exhibit also marks her “coming out” as a lesbian.
“The whole point of this exhibit was my coming out of the shell. It was actually my professors who encouraged me to use this concept because they have seen whenever I do an artwork on [my being a lesbian], my painting becomes so alive and heart-full,” she said.

She added that the exhibit helped her open up to her family and relatives in Cebu.
“It has been years since I’ve hidden my true self to my family. But I grew tired of it and saw that it wasn’t helping me as a person so I used this exhibit to relay the message to my family,” she said.

Maceren also expressed her gratitude to the fine arts department for the success of her exhibit.
“My family and relatives who are still in denial of my preference at first have come to understand and accept who I really am. I am now as free as a bird,” she said.

Maceren added that the exhibit was also her way of pushing for her advocacy of inspiring “those who are still hiding in the closet.”
“It may be difficult but this is the road where God led you so there must be a purpose, a reason, a plan. People will soon understand and everything will be worth it.

Speak up and ladlad na!” she said.

The exhibit will run until March 9.

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