Campus tightens security after nearby killings

By Kriztja Marae G. Labrado

Sillima n University is reinforcing its “no ID, no entry” policy, which requires students to wear their IDs attached to the Silliman sling when inside the campus, following the reported rise of shootings in Dumaguete City.

Mark Garcia, Office of Information and Publication director, said the policy has been observed since 2012 but is being re-implemented now given the “state of criminality” in the city.

“We need to ensure the security of the students by properly identifying the people on campus,” he said.
Last Feb. 2, a former Qualfon call center agent was shot dead near the SU powerhouse in Piapi. According to reports by The Philippine Star, four people were killed in the city in January alone adding to the 32 unsolved murders recorded last year.

Garcia added that it is important to wear the ID with the Silliman sling so students, faculty and staff are easily identified even from afar. However, students who are not used to wearing their IDs were caught unaware when the policy was strictly implemented. As a result, some were able to present their IDs but without the Silliman sling.

“If the students are not able to bring [their IDs complete with the Silliman sling], then they have two options: they may decide to go back to their homes to get it or get another sling worth P60,” he said.

Sophomore psychology student Lester Reyes said requiring the Silliman sling is “impractical because it is just a minor detail.”
“The ID is the important thing. It exists so the guards can identify Sillimanians. The slings are useless,” he said.

Garcia also said they have reminded security personnel from the Public Assistance and Safety Office to be fair but strict in the implementation of the policy.

“A number of our [security guards] have become friends with our students. We want that, yes, but that friendship should also be clear when it comes to imposing or implementing certain policies,” he said.
According to security guard Edwin Borja, although some students are respectful, there are still those who argue with them when asked to wear their IDs. “Ang ako ra unta, di sila mangaway namo kay nisunod ra man mi sagisugo sa amo. Nibuhat ra mi’s among trabaho. Makasabot ra pud unta sila (The students should not be angry with us because we are just following orders. We are just doing our jobs. I hope the students understand that),” he said.

Another reason for the reinforcement of the policy according to Garcia is that the issue of ID-wearing inside the campus is usually brought up by accreditors when they visit the university.
“Hopefully, the faculty can reinforce the policy. Once the students are in the classroom the faculty should request the students to wear their IDs with the sling,” he said.

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