Be the Janitor

By John Rey L. Villareal

Face it, you’ve been through this one point in life when you wanted something so much that you’d literally want to trade a limb for it. But you could never get it no matter how hard you try. You do your best but it just won’t work.

But what if that one thing you’ve always wanted was never supposed to be yours to begin with?

Let’s start with this. There are moments where we seem to be a dog who keeps on trying to catch its own tail. It is funny to go around in circles plus it’s not worth our time and effort though at some point we really thought it did. But realizations on this never ending chase on ambitions come in, so we start to let the hunt justgo.

It’s horrible at first.

We all know that letting go might not always be the easiest thing to do but it is the only way to be truly happy. Dreams may turn to dust but sometimes, in that dust, there’s gravity waiting to pull itself back together to form itself into a star.
All you have to do is take these things with a grain of salt and leave them without ever looking back unless you believe it’s worth another shot. Only by then will you understand that sometimes being happy isn’t always because we got what we wanted, but it’s because we have what we needed.

Now that the plan A is gone, what will be next? Perhaps it is the perfect time to relax and to take a look at the world, analyze the options right in front of you. We have a big universe with a lot and by a lot, I mean infinite possibilities.

Look for other options, either it may be something you thought you’d hate or something you’ve never tried before and what if being the Alfa or the Best among the rest wasn’t your destiny?
Maybe being the guy who cleans toilets for a living was God’s plan for you all along. It might feel degrading at first but think about it, you don’t have to worry about anything besides cleaning and maintaining a tiny room. But that’s just my suggestion, you can even be the head of the cabinet, the medicine cabinet that is. It depends on what floats your boat.

There are a lot of ways we could find that inner dream in us. The one I mentioned was just something I’ve tried for myself after everything in my life just crashed and burned. If this doesn’t work out for you, find another way because there isn’t just one path towards being happy. Then, if you ever find out what that is, just remember, that the only thing that’s important is that you don’t step on anyone trying to achieve this dream. As the saying from an old friend of mine goes: “A guy who achieves a dream through hatred and oppression is lesser than the guy who dreams of good but just collects the garbage for a living”.

That’s why it’s sometimes better to just be the JANITOR

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