A Challenge to SUSG Successors

editorial march 6

Winning the SUSG elections entitles candidates to great seats of power for one school year. Having a bird’s eye view of the workings of the university, being actively involved in terms of making decisions within the university and governing the student life of their constituents are just some of the privileges that come with being in position.

But more than having many privileges, being in the SUSG requires a great deal of dedication and integrity. Other than maintaining the delicate internal stability between the different branches of the student government, student-leaders must work together to address the different concerns of students. This should be accomplished in conjunction with the execution of different activities for one school year.

Having the most number of votes during the SUSG elections shows how much students trust in a candidate’s ability to lead. Despite this, winning majority of the votes tells little of one’s actual leadership capacity. In fact, the true test of leadership only begins when newly-elected SUSG officers are able to make visible changes in the community and make tangible progress on the platforms they carried during their campaigns. Until the student body does not see visible [hmm…awk] action from SUSG officers, they are often deemed “regretfully unfit” for the job.

The expectations and pressure from students and other sectors of the community are harsh, but this is only the result of a yearning for concrete progress in the university. It is undeniable that there were shortcomings in this year’s set of officers and these should be avoided by all means. But more than just avoiding committing the same mistakes, the succeeding set of student-leaders is expected to provide solutions to already existing and unresolved problems.

To say that many challenges are awaiting next year’s line-up of SUSG is an understatement. In addition to the usual demands, next year’s student leaders must provide adequate support to organizations and individuals to better cope with the five day week scheme. They should also give necessary assistance to students especially since ASEAN 2015 is fast approaching.
More importantly, the Weekly Sillimanian sees the internal overhauling of the SUSG as one of the most effective means to make the student government more effective. There is an alarming need to fix how the SUSG conducts check and balance in the spending of its funds and in the surveillance of the functioning of each branch.

Each student-leader’s commitment to service must be re-evaluated. Each one needs to be reminded that his or her loyalty is to the student body, not any political party. This matter is of extreme importance as politicalization can lead to the failure of many SUSG activities as exhibited in previous years.

The Weekly Sillimanian challenges SUSG S.Y. 2014-2015 to surpass the accomplishments made by this year’s officers. It should be conscious of the needs of the students and be open to criticisms for it to be aware of its shortcomings. Yes, there is no perfect government, but it is possible to have an SUSG that values the duties entrusted to them, integrity, impartiality and humility above political color and rank.
It may be a difficult process but it is worth striving for.
To the newly-elected set of officers: it’s time to show what you’re made of.

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