SG assembly okays 7 more resolutions

By Kriztja Marae G. Labrador

Following reports of a shortage on resolutions passed this school year, the Silliman University Student Government Assembly has approved seven new policy proposals, all within a single assembly meeting held last Feb. 16.

Giselle Belnas, SUSG Assembly speaker of the house, said they were only able to focus on their resolution-making duties this month because they had previously been busy discussing budgets and making guidelines for SG committees.

The 7 additional proposals brought this year’s resolution number to 8 compared to more than 30 last year.

She added that they may have passed a lower number of resolutions, but they were still able to draft a guideline for Executive Committee nominations. The lack thereof became a problem for the SG earlier this semester.

“Even though we were unable to focus [on approving resolutions], it is with pride that I say we have fulfilled the other part of our responsibilities [as policy-makers]. At least, the next administration will not have to worry [about Executive Committee nominations] anymore,” she said.

Two weeks ago, SG president Rona Namocatcat called on the assembly to be “transparent” after having signed only one resolution from the legislative branch since last semester.

The seven resolutions approved were the following:

-The addition of blood type information on student identification cards by Medical School representative Feliciano Mahinay III
-The installation of a water fountain on the first floor of the Angelo King building by Toby Enriquez of the Institute of Rehabilitative Sciences
-The inclusion of a DOTA I tournament in the Intramurals by representatives from the Medicine School Marven Ragay, College of Computer Studies Mark Diez and the College of Business Administration Stefan Alcantara
-The university-wide observance of monthly devotions by Megan Cariaso, College of Arts and Sciences representative
-The adoption of the guideline for Executive Committee nominations to be followed by the Committee on Appointments by Ragay, Diez and Marie Ybio of the College of Law
-The request of a roof covering for the pathway connecting the Uytengsu Hall and the Science Complex by Diez
-The replacement of a water fountain located on the first floor of the CBA building by Alcantara Belnas said all of the Assembly approved resolutions have already been forwarded to the Executive Committee for further approval.

Currently, there are four more pending resolutions to be discussed by the Assembly during its remaining sessions.

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