by Hederzon Cadayday

REDEMPTION is an art exhibition about changed lives. It shows the idea of crumpled paper as a primary medium presented in different forms. The subjects of the portraits are ordinary people who have created a difference on the life of the artist.

The primary goal of the exhibition is to create an impact on the viewers about God’s plan for each person to prosper and live life to the fullest. The secondary goal is to show a new style of bringing painting into a third-dimension artwork.

Hezron Cadayday (1993,Dumaguete City) is an artist presently pursuing his studies atSilliman University. He is fond of using acrylic and watercolor as a media in painting. He became one of the finalists of the 45th Shell national art competition in watercolor category in 2012.

He is also a musician and a graphic designer. He designed a catalogue for Galeria Nuble published in Spain.
“Coming up with the idea was a spiritual pursuit. Before it came about, I would spend most of my time sitting in front of a pen and paper struggling to come up with something. There came a point when I became frustrated and crumpled the ideas I wrote, throwing all of them in the trash can. I noticed that the trash can was filled with crumpled paper, and then I went to my bedroom to lay my head. That very moment I just decided to pray, asking for wisdom and that through that wisdom I could glorify His name. After that short prayer, I thought of more ideas, but none of which seemed to fit. . Then I just randomly thought of the crumpled paper that I saw before entering the room. I began thinking . . . what if a painting could be done in a textured surface like crumpled paper? What if the crumpled paper could represent the life of a person? What if God himself was an artist and He would redeem the crumpled paper to make it into something more than itself, giving it a purpose . . . making it into art?” – Cadayday
The exhibit will be at the Luce Auditorium lobby until March 7.

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