Putting Things into Perspective

editorial feb26

The procedure of creating, discussing, and passing a resolution is a very tedious process. Other than making sure that it is for the general wellbeing of the student body, the resolution’s proponent and the rest of the SUSG should carefully weigh the feasibility of such project and make sure that it could be accomplished within a given time frame.

The making of resolutions is not the only job of SUSG representatives. They are also tasked to discuss budgets for activities and revise previously passed resolutions to better fit the needs of the student body.

It was not long ago when the executive branch of the SUSG, together with other heads of student organizations, requested for transparency from the Assembly. This call was out of the anxiety felt by SUSG President Rona Namocatcat regarding the extremely low number of resolutions passed last semester and for the executive’s genuine interest to make the public aware of the workings of their student-leaders.

The Weekly Sillimanian would like to commend the SUSG Assembly for taking immediate action in presenting the resolutions which have been passed and for elaborating on each one. It has also exhibited good public service practice by making up for the lost time they spent dealing with budgets and guidelines.

Now, it has seven approved proposals within just a single meeting which is a large feat, considering that they also previously had problems reaching quorum.

Despite the almost exponential improvement that the Assembly has exhibited in the last week, the fact that it seemed to be almost cramming towards the end of the semester still remains. This could have been easily avoided had the different members of the legislative been constantly aware of their multiple job descriptions and had they been more time-conscious in their conferences.

Yes, it is true that safeguarding funds and formulating guidelines are important. But isn’t lobbying for the concerns of our fellow students worth spending time for, too?

No student organization carries out one single task all throughout the academic year. Rather, members of every council multitask  to accomplish many duties in time. Therefore, focusing on one aspect of the job should never lead to the neglect of others especially in the SUSG.

The Weekly Sillimanian would like to offer a strict reminder to current SUSG student-leaders to not just be progressive thinkers who work towards a sustainable SUSG but also public servants who are responsible enough to work for the people who voted for them in their respective positions. We would also like to challenge candidates for this year’s elections to become more resilient and make the most out of their term of service. By this, we would wish to see students who give ample time to the most critical matters and have an initiative for transparency in all their undertakings.

Let’s put things into perspective here, people.

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