Malayang shares view on ASEAN 2015

By Kristine Ann M. Fernandez

Silliman University president , Dr. Ben S. Malayang III, has called on the Silliman community last Feb. 18 to produce a workforce with competency and training recognized in other Asian countries as preparation for the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015.

In a three-minute video released on the university’s official YouTube account, Malayang said Silliman’s curricular content and educational programs should be “respectable” and “of value” to other countries.

“In the order of things, the Silliman graduate, as well as graduates of other Philippine schools, will be as competitive as the other graduates of other countries in the ASEAN in terms of access to employments and business and entrepreneurial opportunities across countries in Asia,” he said.

The ASEAN 2015 will start open trade among the organization’s 10 member-states allowing free flow of goods and services including education services.

Malayang added that SU has to follow nation-wide alterations that will allow its graduates to be “consistent with the demands of the marketplace and of the world of work beyond Southeast Asia.”

“Certainly, we will never know to what extent we are actually prepared because the situation is unfolding .. . We are looking at this in relation to how we are also being asked to reform our K to 12 programs as well as all other reforms in education that are being proposed in the Philippines,” he said.

According to the AEC blueprint, the AEC 2015 aims for a “single market and production base, a highly competitive economic market, an equitable economic development and an integrated region for global economy” within ASEAN nations

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