Why Flappy Bird Couldn’t Fly

By Rine Christelle Anfone

I’ve seen a lot of classmates, relatives and friends of different shapes and sizes getting addicted to the game flappy bird. I bet all of you are familiar with it; I bet at least once, you’ve played it. What’s your high score? Mine is just 15.

Too low compared to other players, but it was a product of patience and hard work. But it really bothered me why there is a need to tap the bird all the time! I’ve noticed that the faster you tap the bird, the higher its flight will be; but once you let go, it drops that easily.

I saw a lot of posts on facebook about complaints on the game. There was even a post about a broken phone because of the game. There are a lot of obstacles in the form of green pipes to pass through. Thus, some people take minutes and hours just to make a point or two.

Ah yes, what struggling gamers we are.

But at some point, I wondered, what if the flappy bird would be real? Will it survive in our world or will it be gone just like how the creator removed the game from Google Play and App Store? Will it fly high or will it just crash like every game over we see?

One of the reasons it cannot fly properly is its body’s morphology.

Flappy bird is basically round in shape, which is not good in overcoming drag or the air resistance. It doesn’t even have feet which makes them hard even to live on ground. I tried to measure flappy bird’s size with a ruler while I was playing using a 10.2” tablet. Its height (dorsal to ventral) is 1.0 cm and its width (anterior to posterior) is 1.5 cm. Its eye is big measuring 0.5 cm from top to bottom and 0.6 cm from left to right, almost ½ of its body! Well, big eyes are for better eyesight and it would be good to use for avoiding the predators and tubes on its way. However it has a large beak about 0.4 cm x 0.8 cm. This is quite disadvantageous because apart from being too heavy, it also indicates that they need more food intake. Their beak, or should I say bill, is like that of a duck.

But the biggest problem is its small wings measuring 0.4 cm in width and 0.5 cm in length (wing span). It is obvious that it is not proportional to its body size. That is why we need to tap the bird all the time in order to give them a good lift.
Because of its non-proportional body, it is hard to maintain the bird’s flight. Since its beak is heavy, this center of gravity is not the center of its body, but its beak. It falls with its beak going down first so it is hard for them to flap their wings
to sustain the forward motion.

Had the flappy bird really existed as one of those birds you see when you look up, it would eventually just die and be extinct. Its species will just crash no matter what efforts they would do to fly. So if you had long frustrating hours trying to get pass more tubes and beat your high score of 11, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Though it has already been removed from the internet stores, I’m pretty sure some of you still had it installed on your android phones. Take that break and have fun through that challenging game.

And remember, whatever you do, flappy bird will still crash.

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