Wheels or feet?

wheels feb20e

By Joshua Ryan Salaveria

Whether you live in a dormitory in the university, or just a few blocks downtown, or even beyond the borders of Dumaguete, getting to the campus by the sea is not your only problem.

Getting AROUND the campus can also be a bit of a hassle sometimes because its campus size is one of the largest in our country. Over the years, different modes of transportation have been evident in the campus, from walking alone to riding the kalesa, and from walking with your barkada to getting a hitch in one of those tricycles.

Here are some of the more notable ways to bring ourselves to where we need to be.

One of the more healthy ways of moving from point A to point B, bikes have constantly been encouraged by the Student Government (SG ) as the main transportation vehicle of the students.
The university supports this advocacy as it has opened classes for Biking that happen every Saturday. The benefits of biking include improved cardiovascular fitness, firmer lower body muscles, and the overall appeal of being “health conscious.” If you don’t have a bike, you can rent one from the SG at Oriental Hall. It’s a good way to get a little exercise after sitting for hours inside the classroom.

The cost of maintaining automobiles and the constant search for parking space may not be quite cumbersome if you think about the advantages of owning a car. With the extreme weather conditions we’re experiencing nowadays, e.g. the blistering heat waves and the sudden heavy rains, it’s an advantage to always have a roof above you. And turning on the AC is always welcome during one of those hot days. Plus, you get to have a sizable portable locker.

Golf Cart
The newest way of going around the campus, Silliman golf carts were donated by several alumni chapters from the United States. This eco-friendly vehicle gives free transport to Sillimanians and visitors around the campus.
The fact that it’s powered mainly by electricity means that it doesn’t create as much pollution as that of other vehicles. A 14-seater Campus Cruiser is also available for larger groups who wish to have a tour around the university.
Apparently, a selfie photo must be taken and uploaded during your first ride.

This seemingly overlarge skateboard is arguably the hippest ride in the campus. There has been a great following of this trend in the recent months as more students are gathering resources to try out this hobby. Like biking, longboarding helps you in being physically fit. You don’t have to find a parking space as you can just bring your longboard with you during class. It is strongly advised to wear a helmet and other protective equipment when riding your longboard. Tank tops are optional though.

Nothing beats walking from building to building as you go to your next class, even if it’s from the Science Complex to the Angelo King Hall. You can even meet other people along the way. It provides a bit of exercise and it doesn’t cost you a centavo. Walking may still be the best way of going around and enjoying the campus. Unless, of course, you’re going to the Silliman Farm.
Whatever your choice of transportation is, it’s best to stay safe when going around our university. We should always understand that the roads and walkways are there for the use of every Sillimanian and that traffic rules are there to make sure that our campus
would be an accident-free university.

See you on the road!

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