The Promise

By Darrell Rosales

I discussed on my previous column the value of taking a leap of faith. And at this point of our academic year, some may already be half-way through that step. If you are, then continue reading this.

When it comes to taking leaps of faith, joining an organization to be able to enrich your potentials is essential.
Organizations are put up to serve a particular purpose, a good purpose at that, to create a positive effect among its members and the school or community at large. More often than not, the word organization comes along with the words volunteerism, initiative, sacrifice and commitment.

These three words are inevitable if serving well is your goal.

And what do they actually mean? Merriam Webster says that to volunteer is to offer or to do something without being forced to or without getting paid to do it. Second, having the initiative is having the power, energy, desire or opportunity that is needed to do something before others do. Third, sacrifice is the act of giving up something in order to help attaining the goal of another. Finally, commitment is a promise of loyalty towards a group, a person, an idea or responsibility.

The reason why it is imperative to know the definition of these words is because we usually forget and even fail to recognize that by pledging our allegiance to an organization, we create a silent promise to uphold responsibilities. By signing up for a particular org, we promise to join it in the spirit of volunteerism and not by force or peer-pressure.

We promise to initiate programs and events that would later become our mark in the university. We promise to sacrifice a portion of our precious time for the benefit of the organization. In turn, we also create a final promise to stay committed to the vision and mission, to the dreams and aspirations in order to create an atmosphere of healthy exchange of ideas and to be a platform for wholesome development.

The moment you forget this promise will be the moment of your downfall.

Pero Dar, dili man sad pwede nga mag sig era meg atiman sa among mga org. Unsaon nalang ang among pag iskwela?” (“But Dar, we can’t always give our attention to our organizations. What would happen to our academics?)

I would never promote or let alone suggest this idea. Of course, you came to this university to be educated and to learn as much as you can about your future. But one has to remember that life is not all about chemistry, economics, psychology, political science, and other subjects that we might encounter.

You will be working with other people in a company, a field or a community. You will be meeting different people with different personalities. You will be asked to do what is not listed on your job description, things which were not taught inside classrooms and laboratories. You will need, more than anything else, the ability to be flexible in these situations. And this ability is best learned through the volunteerism, initiative, sacrifice and commitment which you must contribute to your organization.

So if you are in a group now, think if you really deserve being called a member. Think if you are able to maximize the opportunities right on your doorstep or if you are able to reach full length of your own potentials.
If not, then you better start doing something about it. If you are able to fulfill the promises you made, then you’ll realize just how much you and your organization could grow.

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