Every academic year, officials are elected to various positions in the university’s Student Government.

Similar to the Philippine government, students vote not only for the positions of president and vice president but also representatives for their respective colleges.
The college representatives comprise a very vital part of the SUSG – the lawmaking body. They review previous resolutions which may be subject for revisions. They draft resolutions based on their co-students’ concerns. They also appropriate the budget for different projects for the entire semester. All of these are part of their job description.

And it seems that the SUSG assembly is falling short on most of it.

During the election season, these positions are highly coveted.
Candidates vying for these ranks promise, more than anything else, to hear out their voters’ concerns and do something to sort them. But it seems politics have gotten the best out of most officials as eight months after their appointment, only one resolution has been successfully signed by the SUSG President.

It is alarming to note that first, there is a huge decline of resolutions in the assembly. This shows the members of the assembly’s deficiency in their main duty as legislators. Second, the cancellation of council sessions due to poor attendance implies how negligent the college representatives are of their responsibilities. And third, the lack of transparency both in the assembly’s resolutions and budget assessment for public disposal caps the list.

The move by the president herself, Rona Namocatcat, is commendable. It is important that the executive made the first move to fix the issues currently faced by its legislative counterpart. But we are currently in the middle of the semester and at the close of their term.

If the assembly continues its long and seemingly undisturbed sleep, then this school year might just be an entire year spent on waste.
The Weekly Sillimanian challenges the legislators, a.k.a. college representatives, to double time in drafting their resolutions.

The council sessions must be devoted to this integral part of the government for the benefit of the students. The brains of these intelligent assemblymen must be exhausted for this purpose.
For what reason shall the SUSG exist but for the sole intention of giving voice to the students? If they haven’t even channeled one concern from their constituents, then they have a lot to make up for.
At this point, the SUSG Assembly should be awake enough to catch up. Time is ticking.

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