“Who do you think is telling the truth: Vhong Navarro or Deniece Cornejo? Why?”

“For me, Vhong Navarro was the one telling the truth. If Deniece was really a victim of rape, how come she doesn’t have any bruises on her body? And besides, if she was really telling the truth, where are her proofs?
And as what I have noticed, she’s quite unsure of her answers during her interviews. She can’t even talk straightly and fluently, and her eyes, you can tell she is really lying. ”
Arby Mae Malumay, BBA-Mgt- III

“Vhong. Even though he cheated on his girlfriend, I really think he’s the victim here. Why does he have to rape someone? And besides, he’s a well known celebrity…The girl doesn’t even want to go through a medical check up if something really happened that night.”
Sam Villahermosa, BS- Psych-II

“I won’t say it’s Vhong or Deniece. Whatever is being proven by the evidences, then that will be it.”
Ella Ayangco, BMC-III

“I don’t know who is telling the truth because the story is being twisted.”
Jay Colimbo , BSMT III



Compiled by Nectarina Catada


Next issue’s question:
“Just recently, Senator Revilla accused PNoy of being involved in former Chief Justice Corona’s trial. Do you think his accusation is true?”
For your answers, just text the Circulation Manager (09279878522) or leave us a message (click here). Indicate your full name and initials

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